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Fruits and Greens Co., - The first Vietnamese company has cold rooms free of ethylene and pathogens

19 Tháng Mười 2016   -   DNTN RAU QUẢ BÌNH THUẬN   -   0

As a major fruit export and import company in Vietnam, we always understand to bring the best quality fruits to our customers.  One of the most important things to keep fruits fresh is the cold room. We are always seeking ways to improve the storage environment in our facilities

As soon as Mr. Hoang (the company owner) became acquainted with Miatech’s Bio Turbo, he decided to install the unit in one of their cold rooms in Ho Chi Minh City to enhance the quality and shelf – life of fruits, we decided to install BT 1000.



Bio Turbo is a patented technology for cleaning the air from all sorts of airborne organic compounds. Bio Turbo effectively removes ethylene gas (to prevent premature ripening), bacteria, mold spores and viruses.

After a few weeks, the result is: "We realized the total difference", says Do Thi Minh Tuyen – Director . "There is less fruit smell and the fruits remain fresher for longer periods of time, especially kiwis"

Later on, our company installed four more BT1000 units — the second one in Ho Chi Minh City, two in Hanoi and one in Danang.

The Fruits and Greens Co., and especially Mr. Hoang are very proud of being currently the only Vietnamese Fruit Import company that enjoys the benefits of the Bio Turbo. Having cold rooms free of ethylene and airborne pathogen gives us a big advantage over our competition.


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